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Ruby Surf

Using Ruby Surf you receive unlimited FREE traffic to your site. With our traffic exchange system we feature quad traffic windows.

Our traffic system has 4 frames where websites are rotated every 15 seconds. What does that mean?  Four times the credits you

earn for autosurfing compaired to other autosurf websites. Ruby Surf has a  Monthly Surf Competition, & Monthly Referral Competition,

All you have to do is sign up for FREE and open your browser and let the system advertise for you.

For each 4 sites shown in your browser, you will receive 3 hits in return. You get 5000 credits just for signing up.

You also receive credits for your referrals too! A whopping 25% of what your referrals earn. This is not a paid to

 surf traffic exchange, and we do not ask you to invest any money. Ruby Surf is a free service to get thousands of hits to your website\

 and receive a constant flow of traffic with very little effort, 24 hours a day.

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