Gemstone, Jewelry & Coin Show

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The Michigan Gemstone, Jewelry & Coin Show August 26. – 2012

Ticket Price

Adult $5.00

Kids under 13 Free

Tickets Available At The Show

Precious gemstones, fine jewelry, beads, crystals, minerals, coins, fossils, cutting rough, findings, and lapidary supplies, gem faceting, silversmithing, wire wrapping, lapidary tools, jewelry equipment, precious metals & jewelry making supplies.

August 26 2012

The International Banquet Center

400 Monroe Street

Detroit Michigan

Show Hours

Sunday  9 am – 6 pm

A good mix of dealers and not to many that do or sell the same thing.

shop for loose gemstones

Exhibition registration 

Stay update on gem expo

No Selling allowed by anyone other than fee paying dealers that are part of our show

Show Exhibitor

Becoming an Michigan Gemstone, Jewelry & Coin Show exhibitor. Become a exhibitor at our gemstone and jewelry show allows you to sell directly to the buying public. Registration must be made 3 week before the show date, and must be paid in full with submission of registration form.

Booth Size is 10 X 10 Feet

Small exhibitor space fee   $300

Double exhibitor space fee   $600

Triple exhibitor space fee   $900

Table rental fee   $25

This area is here to provide you with all the information you need for exhibiting at our shows and to answer any questions you may have. Please review the resources and information. If you have any questions or additional needs, feel free to contact us at 1-248-390-7530 or use our contact form. We have space available for exhibitors and venders but space is limited and filling up fast. We have standard size square tables for rent, or bring your own displays to set up. As an exhibitor your business name, website and contact info will be posted on our website, and event guide. We also have extra promotion packages available.

Material and equipment exhibited or sold MUST BE CORRECTLY REPRESENTED AND LABELED  WITH PRICE. The show management shall have the right to eliminate any materials, exhibit, persons, advertising, etc. which is considered objectionable for any reason. No discount sale, or wholesale signs may be displayed. Dealers will cover tables on front and top. Dealers will keep the area neat and clean at all times. Dealer must comply with all fire, city and state regulations (including the collection and payment of sales tax). Dealers may furnish his own dealer sign no larger than 2 ft. by 6 ft. Only one dealer to a booth. We encourage all dealers to demonstrate at their booth.

Dealers must be familiar with and comply with all Federal Trade Commission laws with regard to the sale of gem stones, jewelry, gold & silver and the regulations regarding deceptive pricing (sales or discounts).
In your contract with us you have agreed not to post any sale signs. This will keep you in compliance with Federal Trade Commission Regulations

Torches or kilns are NOT allowed at the show

Dealers will furnish all electrical power strips and electric cords for there own use, and must be in good condition. Electrical availability at some booths will limited, so we may need to ask your cooperation in reducing your electrical requirements. If you need access to electric outlets you must let us know on the registration form.

All electrical plug strips and extension cords must have size 12 wire or larger (Larger wire size is indicated by a wire size number smaller than 12, Example: size 10 wire). The load on plug strips and extension cords must not exceed their rating. No lamp cords or zip cords allowed. No taping of electric cords to the floor. No flashing lights of any kind may be displayed by dealers.

Setup & Dismantling
Dealer can start setting up at 8 AM and packing up at 6 PM

Dealers must not rearrange table layout of their booth without the written permission of the show director. Anyone doing so is subject to being removed from the show and barred from doing any future shows. Many of our booths are backed up to another booth. If you open the sides of your booth letting the public into your booth, you then expose the backup table and money box, etc. of the booth behind you to the public. We do NOT allow this. Many times, electrical cords are under the tables. Electrical cords may not be exposed to the public. If you cover an electrical cord with a carpet it must have a rubber back. Backup tables are not to be exposed to the outside or the public. If you move them or rearrange them so that the public can get to these tables, you will be charged for outside tables.

Dealer agrees not to do any dismantling or packing until the show is closed. No dollies, carts or vehicles allowed on the show floor until all customers are out of the building.

Dealer agrees to leave their booth area clean and free of litter or be assessed a cleaning fee. If you spill any liquids, you are responsible to clean it up or be assessed a cleaning fee.

Dealer will be responsible for any damage they cause to property, buildings or tables. If your light clamps crush the table, then you must buy the table. It is the dealers responsibility to use board, blocks or what ever necessary to protect the table. (See next item)

Dealer may not put staples or tacks into tables or walls. Dealer may not tape anything to walls.

Pen-hooking is the act of you or your representative going to a place of business other than your own and attempting to lure the customers to your place of business. Examples: telling them you can give them a better deal or that you have it cheaper. Pen-hooking is illegal in our home state of Virginia. As a show organizer, we will not tolerate pen-hooking at any of our shows. If you are caught in this activity, you will be removed from the show and will be permanently barred from all future show with us.

Sales tax
Must be collected by all dealers. The tax rate in Michigan is 6% per sate law.

Backup Tables
Backup tables are tables used inside your booth and are not exposed to the customer.
They are for your use only, such as money box, cash register, bags, supplies and packaging. Any table exposed to the customer is an outside table.
You may not rearrange the tables in your booth so as to expose your backup tables to the customers. If you do wish to do so, you must have the show directors permission in writing to rearrange your booth and you will be charged for outside tables instead of backup tables.

Payment And Registration

Payment is to be paid in full with the submission of the vender form.

Registration ends 3 weeks before the show
Booth fee’s are to be paid by check or money order with submission of registration form no exceptions.

Make checks or money order payable to

Download Vender Contract Form Here


Mail payment to and forms to

Precious Gemstones LLC

22146 Ford Rd Suite B1A

Dearborn Heights Mi 48127

When you print the contacts to fill out, you must return both copies. They are not yet signed by us and are not valid until we have signed them. If you are admitted to the show you are applying for, we will sign the contract and return one original copy to you.

There is no provision in the contract for you to cancel a show. If you do cancel we will attempt to sell your space. There is no guarantee that we can sell the space. If the show is full and we successfully sell you space we will give you credit for your booth fee on a future show.

Your contact for service or any need will be the show management. You are not to contact the building management. You could cause us to receive a service charges, etc.
You are not authorized to negotiate with the building staff on our behalf for any reason. Doing so will result in your being barred from all future shows

Dealer Conduct
Dealers and their staff are expected to conduct themselves as ladies and gentlemen and to treat all customers with respect. Dealers and their staff are required to dress neat and to be clean.
No disorderly conduct, abusive conduct, foul language or disrespect towards customers will be tolerated. Any dealer who is removed from a show for bad conduct will be barred from all future shows.

Dealers will allow all customers to take pictures and video of all products for sale or display.

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